An experienced team and a material high tech at your service


Whatever the size of the project,

Our flexibility offers a report/ratio exceptional price quality to you,

Thanks to its team of artists and engineers, the SPRL Maryline Garbe carries out for you the complete project management, technical engineering, and the manufacture of decorations for the amusement parks.

Our decorations for amusement park are delivered with the compliance certificates to the applicable European standards

In support of our team of craftsmen our numerical equipment quickly transforms a basic concept into decorations finished of quality and precision.


From sketch.

Our team of engineers, can solve your technical needs (animatronic, automation,…)

The SPRL Maryline Garbe also offers a service of repair and maintenance.

Our equipment of industrialist production, with the point of technology, enables us to directly transform a basic concept into a numerical model 3D which can be directly used by our digital production machine tools

The assets of the SPRL Maryline Garbe are:

Capacity to transform ambitious projects into a reality of great quality

 CAD model.

To CAD model.

Resources and technology to guarantee stunning results in the respect of the budget and planning

 Milling Robo.

Through our 6 axis milling machine

A team of craftsmen mastering the specific techniques useful for the realization of decorations for amusement park

A team of engineers to define the best technical solutions for your decorations of amusement park

Will to exceed itself to exceed waitings of our customers

 Resin model.

The final result, a giant resin model of 4 meters height.