Exclusive decorations and creations

Welcome on the site of Maryline Garbe and its team.

As you will be able to note it by traversing this site, we are specialized in all the artistic forms of paintings, combining the techniques brushes and aerographers.

We realize:

You dream of an interior or a personalized and single vehicle, of a fantastic world, even utopian and imaginary? We are there to satisfy your desires!

Let invade itself by your favorite landscapes, we will increase at the same time your spaces and your horizons, but we will create you a surrealist and unexplorable dimension, to escape and dream in a certain reality!

Could you imagine an elephant charging right on you? By our technique of the horn the eye, you will be pleased to admire it without fright, in your living room.

A familiar object will become a part of art, a single part of which you could be proud thanks to the techniques of the false marbles, forgery drink, imitation of the drystone drain semi-precious.

Here is the explanation of a trompe-l'oeil, to give the illusion of truth, “to mislead” the eye of the spectator

The old techniques enable us to restore old monuments such as for example with the castle Cambier de Ath, where we gave to the style of the day the false marbles of the time.

The old and modern techniques, our “knowledge to make” particular adapts to the most recalcitrant supports.

With the origin, designation “patinated” means” out-of-date " naturally with time. Nowadays, the word “patina” became a technique which artificially simulates the ageing of a painting, an object, a furniture…

The terms “patinates decorative” apply rather to give effects of colouring and matter.

Some is the technique employed, lime, paints, marbrage, pigments natural, acrylic,… the patina of simplest with most worked out, equips your walls in order to create the environment which you wish.

We can personalize any support, thus the motorcyclist in love, the care will leave us to exert our talent on its bike or its helmet.

Particular pictorial effects, original paintings and drawings will personalize your motor bike, your car, your truck,…

Various techniques will then be applied, paintings, brushes, brushes,… the aerographer will be the tool of choice for this kind of achievements.

Express to us your dreams and we will carry them out to you

The advantages offered by our system of numerical sculpture are numerous.

An envelope of maximum evolution allowing to also treat very large parts.

A maximum flexibility thanks to the 7 axes available

An optimal and durable precision ensures in a constant way greatest possible quality.

A minimal time of realization of your projects.

The addition of this means of modern creation to our knowledge of making manual and traditional, enables us to offer an unequalled service for the realization of


Neon signs

Decoration of vehicles

Publicity on the place of sale

Giant objects

Architectural elements

Equipment for plain of play

Equipment for amusement park

Enlarging of sculpture

Decoration with topic for night club

Decoration with topic for restaurant